Escondido, CA –Each day it’s a pleasure to clean the solar panels on 4-5 homes around the San Diego area! Most customers are always happy to see how clean we get their panels as we show each customer their before and after pics! Sometimes we receive feedback from customers regarding performance impact after the cleaning such as this recent report we received from from one of our solar panel cleaning customers in Escondido. This customer made a point to document the performance of their system via their computer-based daily output graphs that monitor their system and also from the SDG&E reports that monitor the daily use versus surplus electricty created by their solar system. And she was ecstatic about her documented 39% increase in her solar performance before and after the solar cleaning.

She posted the follwoing quote on NextDoor so she could inform her neighbors about the real and positive benefits of having your panels cleaned and gave us permission to post on our blog, “At tier one SDG&E charges .27 per kWh. We have to purchase every kWh our solar panels do not produce from SDG&E at that rate or higher depending on usage. There are a lot of factors involved in calculating the savings/cost of solar but stripping that all aside to just basic math the difference between before and after the cleaning equates to about $3.76/day or @ $112.80/month. We paid $149 for our cleaning – we have 30 panels – and it looks like we have “saved” about that much in the first month.  The company we used was SolarTidy and they were terrific. Arrived on time. Were courteous and efficient. They gave me options, but did not pressure sell me into any additional services. I recommend their service and will use them again in the future.” – Kathy from Escondido.

The solar panel cleaning was completed on September 11, 2018: See graph above and below for actual data/screenshots of her system report.

Here’s an additional report from SDG&E regarding energy usage before/after the solar panel cleaning by SolarTidy:

As you can see, the customer was having to purchase an extra 10-30 kWh in electricity daily (with their dirty solar panels). After the cleaning, they were generating a surplus of 6-10 kWh/day.  They went from spending money to earning money, simply by using SolarTidy!

Please see below for their before and after pictures:

See how much dust was covering these panels. Typically dust like this will hinder performance by 15-30%.

The dust tends to glaze on the panels and no amount of rain will clean them! It just moves the dust around like how your car looks after a rain.

When the panels get this dirty, the only way to return them to “new” levels of performance is to clean them using di-ionized water and solar friendly brushes. This is what SolarTidy does for each and every customer!

Wow! Look how these panels look after the ProPlus purified water treatment done by SolarTidy.

These solar panels sparkle so nicely that you can see your reflection like it’s clean glass!

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