Paint damage to your solar panels can cause 90% blockage of solar output!

Recently had your home painted and the painter didn’t cover your panels?

Yep! You too? It’s something we get all the time! Too often painters try to cut corners and not cover solar panels when they are doing exterior home painting projects. The paint dust specs collects on the solar panels which causes almost total blockage. The painter is responsible for all damage to your house, so make sure that if you notice any paint on your panels to contact your painter and contact us. Schedule your cleaning with us, then we can invoice the painter for your account so they can make the payment direct.

It’s not easy to remove paint from solar panels!

We use a special process with unique tools to get the paint off and NOT cause any damage to the panels. This requires us to hand clean every panel using a specialized plastic scraping device as to not scratch or damage the panels. Do not trust amateurs for this job. They can very easily scratch and break your panels so they don’t work at all if they use the wrong tools or techniques!

We’ve cleaned 45+ homes for solar paint damage. We have the experience and know-how to get the job done right the first time.

See below for some recent paint over spray removal before and after pics for some of customers in the San Diego area.

The first one is a home in Oceanside. See this link to view more  about this 18-25 panel system with 6-10 panels with paint damage

Before Paint Over Spray Removal service

After Paint removed. Back to original shiny, new and top performance.

Here’s some paint damage to some solar panels at a customer’s home in Ramona. This system was about 30 panels and had around 10 panels with paint damage.

Before. This layer of paint damage would not come up using traditional cleaning methods.

After. With our special process, we were able to completely remove the paint damage to the solar panels.

See more cases of paint damage on solar panels.

Paint Removal Service is priced by the hour, which depends on how many panels have paint damage, and how difficult it is to get to those panels with our specialty solar panel safe paint removal tools.

  • 1 hour – $125*
  • 2 hour – $215*
  • 3 hour – $299
* Typically it takes about 1 hour to remove paint from 6-10 panels. This fee is in addition to the standard solar panel cleaning rate.

To order, book your solar panel cleaning appointment and select the “Optional Add-On” box for Paint Removal Service. 25% off solar (regular price) does not include price gutter  cleaning as well. These products are sold independently.

Or to order paint removal service or ask any questions, please call 760-683-8384

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