Introducing “SolarTidy San Diego”! Meet Chris, Franchise Owner

San Diego, CA — As many of our loyal customers already know, in January 2019 Chris and Tamica took over the San Diego region as the first Franchise Owners of SolarTidy, forming a new company, “SolarTidy San Diego.”  Chris has … Read More

Spring Cleaning Tips from SolarTidy

Spring is in full swing- that means it’s time to clean! Spring cleaning can play an important role in your mental and physical health, making you feel a sense of renewal. Fulfill the task of spring cleaning in each aspect … Read More

So Nice To Clean Solar Panels in February in San Diego

San Diego, CA — One of the great things about living in San Diego is that for the most part it’s sunny and warm all year around. It’s the perfect location to have solar panels! This week we had the … Read More

Should You Clean Your Solar Panels in Winter or After Rain?

Our customers often ask us “Should I clean my panels in January or February?” or “It just rained. I’ll wait until it doesn’t rain for awhile”. The truth is that rain will only provide a minimal rinse off any loose … Read More

Paint Over Spray on Solar Panels is a Big Problem with Painters!

Paint damage to your solar panels can cause 90% blockage of solar output! Recently had your home painted and the painter didn’t cover your panels? Yep! You too? It’s something we get all the time! Too often painters try to … Read More

When Is The Last Time You Cleaned Your Rain Gutters?

Gutter Cleaning is a fundamental element of your home’s well-being, and up keeping. They’re purpose is to control the flow of rainwater. This is done to protect your home’s roof, walls, foundation and landscape.When your rain gutters are neglected, experts … Read More

Thick Layer of Dust & Debris Removed From Escondido Home Solar Panels

Escondido, CA — Today we had the great privilege to clean a 26-34 roof mounted solar array for one of our new customers in Escondido. As you can see in the before and after pictures above and below, we discovered … Read More

Escondido Home Benefits Greatly After Solar Panel Cleaning

Escondido, CA –Yesterday we had the great privilege to provide our solar panel and window cleaning services for a new customer in Escondido. She had a 26-34 roof mounted solar array. As you can see in the before and after … Read More

Escondido Customer Saves $115 per month After Solar Panel Cleaning. Cleaning Paid for in 1 Month!

Escondido, CA –Each day it’s a pleasure to clean the solar panels on 4-5 homes around the San Diego area! Most customers are always happy to see how clean we get their panels as we show each customer their before … Read More

Poway Home in Old Coach Area Has Solar Panels Cleaned With Amazing Results

Poway, CA –Today we had the great privilege to service a new customer in Poway to clean his 35-42 roof mounted solar array. This home is located down in the Old Coach Road are and is surrounded by exposed dirt … Read More