Escondido Customer Saves $115 per month After Solar Panel Cleaning. Cleaning Paid for in 1 Month!

Escondido, CA –Each day it’s a pleasure to clean the solar panels on 4-5 homes around the San Diego area! Most customers are always happy to see how clean we get their panels as we show each customer their before … Read More

Brownish Glaze of Dust Removed from Vista Home’s Solar System

Vista, CA — Today we had the privilege to clean this 60 panel roof mount system in Vista.  Our initial inspection revealed a thick layer of dust accumulation intermixed with some debris or pollen spots that formed a brownish glaze … Read More

Lakeside Home’s Solar Panels Shine Like New After SolarTidy Cleaning

Lakeside, CA — Today we completed a solar panel cleaning project at a countryside home in Lakeside.  Being in the countryside and with the exposed dirt in the backyard, the amount of dust accumulation that settled on these panels is … Read More