Escondido Customer Saves $115 per month After Solar Panel Cleaning. Cleaning Paid for in 1 Month!

Escondido, CA –Each day it’s a pleasure to clean the solar panels on 4-5 homes around the San Diego area! Most customers are always happy to see how clean we get their panels as we show each customer their before … Read More

218 Panel Commercial Solar Array Cleaned Quarterly By SolarTidy

Vista, CA — Yesterday we had the pleasure of returning one of Platinum Service Plan (4x per year) commercial customers to re-clean his 218 panel roof mounted system at his commercial building in Vista, CA.  This customer’s X factor is … Read More

Escondido Home Selects SolarTidy To Clean 18-25 Panel Solar System

Escondido, CA — We had the pleasure to clean a 18-25 solar panel array for a new customer in Escondido yesterday.  As you can see in the before and after pictures above and below, we discovered that a thick glazed … Read More

El Cajon Roof Mounted Solar System Receives Solar Cleaning from SolarTidy

El Cajon, CA — Yesterday we had the privilege to clean this 26-34 panel roof mount system in El Cajon.  Our initial inspection revealed a thick layer of dust accumulation intermixed with some debris, pollen spots and bird droppings that … Read More

Pollen and Dust Combine For Solar Output Killer on San Diego Home

San Diego, CA — Today we had the pleasure of visiting this home located in San Diego to clean 26-34 roof mounted solar panels. We noticed a layer of dust and pollen accumulation as well as tree debris spots on the … Read More

Lakeside Home’s Solar Panels Shine Like New After SolarTidy Cleaning

Lakeside, CA — Today we completed a solar panel cleaning project at a countryside home in Lakeside.  Being in the countryside and with the exposed dirt in the backyard, the amount of dust accumulation that settled on these panels is … Read More

After our ProPlus Di-Ionized cleaning treatment, this Carlsbad Home’s solar panels shined with brand-new clarity!

Carlsbad, CA — Today we had the privilege to clean an 11-17 panel roof mount system in Carlsbad.  Our initial inspection revealed a thick layer of dust accumulation intermixed with some debris or pollen spots.  This combination was definitely preventing … Read More

What Happens When You Don’t Clean Your Solar Panels?

San Diego, CA — Solar panels that haven’t been cleaned in 1-2 years or more will start to build up a brown glaze of accumulated dust.  This is what we found today on these Solar Panels on a San Diego … Read More

How to Keep Your Solar Panels Operating at Maximum Output in Vista

Vista, CA — Today we experienced a residence in Vista that had a thick brown caked layer of dust accumulation and various debris spots on their solar panels.  As you can see in the before pictures of this 11-17 panel … Read More

You know your panels are ready to be cleaned when …

… we discover large clumps of dirt and bird poop all over your panels. This week we cleaned the solar panels on this 11 to 17 panel residential system in Escondido, CA where the build-up of dirt, debris and other … Read More