Gold Service Plan Customer in Oceanside Receives Solar Panel Cleaning

Oceanside, CA — Today we had the opportunity to clean one of our much appreciated Gold Service Plan customers in Oceanside. It had been 4 months since the last cleaning, and over the summer the panels had re-acquired a thick … Read More

Lakeside Home Receives ProPlus Di-Ionized Solar Panel Cleaning Treatment

Lakeside, CA — Today we had the opportunity to clean this 11-17 panel system in Lakeside. As you can see by the before and after pics, we discovered a combination of dust accumulation along with debris spots that was definitely … Read More

Carlsbad Home’s Solar Panels Covered in Debris Spots

Carlsbad, CA –Sometimes we find solar panels that have an unusual amount of debris spots all over the system. Today we cleaned a 26 to 34 panel system in Carlsbad that was just that.  The combination of dust accumulation along … Read More

Shine Panels Shine! SolarTidy Cleans 28 Solar Panel Roof Mount in San Diego

San Diego, CA — We had the pleasure of cleaning the solar panels on this home in San Diego today.  Before we cleaned this 25 panel system we discovered a thick brown layer of dust accumulation and various debris spots … Read More

Vista Home Has Solar Panels Washed With Amazing Results

Vista, CA — If it’s been a few years since you installed or last cleaned your solar panels, then they probably look like this home’s panels in Vista, CA.  As you can see in the before pictures of this 18-25 … Read More