70 Panel Ground Mount Solar System in Vista Cleaned 3 Times Year With Amazing Results

Vista, CA — It’s always a pleasure to return to one of our best customers and re-clean his 70 panel ground mounted system at his hillside/countryside residence in Vista, CA.  He smartly selected our Gold Service Plan (3x per year) … Read More

Brownish Glaze of Dust Removed from Vista Home’s Solar System

Vista, CA — Today we had the privilege to clean this 60 panel roof mount system in Vista.  Our initial inspection revealed a thick layer of dust accumulation intermixed with some debris or pollen spots that formed a brownish glaze … Read More

Vista Home Saves Up to $650/year After Solar Panel Cleaning

Vista, CA — We had the opportunity to clean an 18-25 panel roof mount system in Vista today. Before we cleaned the panels we discovered a thick layer of dust accumulation along with a lot of spots which where likely … Read More

Clean Solar Panels in Vista Saves Customer Up to $750/yr!

Vista, CA — Solar panels that haven’t been cleaned in 1-2 years or more will start to build up a brown glaze of accumulated dust.  This is what we found today on these Solar Panels on a Vista home. As … Read More