San Diego, CA — One of the great things about living in San Diego is that for the most part it’s sunny and warm all year around. It’s the perfect location to have solar panels! This week we had the great privilege to service several of our 2 (silver plan) and 3 (gold plan) times year service plan customers for thir regular cleaning on their solar panels. Our service plan customers understand that regular cleanings are the only way to fully optimize your solar panel output all year around. These customers are on our February/July cycle. As you can see in the before and after pictures above and below, even shortly after it rains, we still discover the panels are covered with a thick glazed layer of dust accumulation and debris spots that the rain will not wash away.  This will definitely prevent the solar system from experiencing optimal solar output.  This level of dust and debris usually stunts performance in the range of 15-20%+ which for 25-30 panel system can mean $600-$850 in financial loss per year.  Our ProPlus Di-Ionized cleaning treatment will leave your panels cleaner 10 times longer than traditional cleaning methods because it removes the hard water marks which attract debris and dust build up faster. The regular cleanings allow your panels to operate at their maximum capacity, optimizing their efficiency so you can receive the most financial benefits from your investment.

After Solar Panel Cleaning at Home in San Diego, CA (February 7, 2019)

Before Solar Panel Cleaning in Vista; Ground Mount

All the dust and debris spots removed leaving this awesome ground mount system shining like new!

Look at the dust build up caked on these panels.

Look how these panels shine up so beautifully after the cleaning!

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