San Diego, CA — As many of our loyal customers already know, in January 2019 Chris and Tamica took over the San Diego region as the first Franchise Owners of SolarTidy, forming a new company, “SolarTidy San Diego.”  Chris has been the main person behind all the SolarTidy cleaning operations and commercial sales and has five years experience in residential and commercial solar panel cleaning. We’re super excited for Chris and Tamica and wish them well in this amazing opportunity!

“I was blessed early in my career with a huge commercial contract to clean solar panels at elementary schools, high schools, colleges, and government buildings. This introduction taught me the proper ways to clean solar panels. Now with over 200 residential cleanings under my belt I know that I am providing the very best cleaning methods, and the very best customer service.” – Chris, Franchise Owner

To reach Chris, please call 760-683-8384 or email him at [email protected]

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